Is it cyber security or cybersecurity?

According to online dictionaries like Gartner’s glossary, as well as the name of the Online Cybersecurity, Master of Science program here at the University of Nevada at Reno, cybersecurity is a single word. Other spelling and grammar authorities like the Associated Press as well as Merriam-Webster agree on the single word spelling.

It appears, however, that others sources disagree – author and cybersecurity expert Craig Ford reported that during an informal audience poll at the AusCERT 2019 conference, about 70% of attendees noted that they preferred the term as two words: cyber security.

Cyber defense solution provider Threat Warrior pointed out that the one vs. two word spelling difference may simply come down to regional preference – American authors tend to use cybersecurity as one word, whereas British professionals have been known to separate the word into two.

SOURCE: University of Nevada, Reno