Invisible Publicity

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CONFLICTING OPINIONS is an unconventional directory of non-profits, foundations and thinktanks. It is built on the clean and crisp INVISIBLE PUBLICITY platform. Core knowledge is presented without advertising clutter. Labeled publicity gets the same uncluttered screen.

  • $29 / mo
  • starter (5) blurbs
  • newcomers
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  • $79 / mo
  • active (21) blurbs
  • movers + shakers
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  • $149 / mo
  • many (99) blurbs
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Publicize you(r) . . .

PARTNERS are allocated a certain number of in-line publicity posts or ‘blurbs’. These blurbs are labeled + then tagged, surfacing in the flow of posts whenever tag-related content is viewed.

Each blurb presents a thin slice of an overall program or agenda, explored as part of a coherent single-source stack (click on the partner’s ‘category’), or in proximity to the complementary or competing perspective of colleagues / competitors (click on a ‘tag’).

Core content is presented without clutter. And partner publicity in turn gets the same entire uncluttered screen.

Campaign dashboard!

Manage your publicity campaign on an intuitive dashboard. Assign ‘editors’ to help you (i.e., people on your staff, perhaps someone in each department). Let us know what you want in each blurb (or tell us where to harvest info to design a campaign for you).

Get started

With the STARTER level you can maintain five (5) blurbs for $29 per month. The flexible ACTIVE level includes (21) blurbs; at $79 per month this might be the sweet spot. At the CAMPAIGN level your campaign can maintain a dynamic (99) blurbs, for $149 per month.