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About us

NON-PROFITS, FOUNDATIONS + THINK TANKS. CONFLICTING OPINIONS is an unconventional directory. It is a great place to publicize your organization and its programs, positions and accomplishments.

WHY CONFLICTING OPINIONS? We surface journalistic opinions and viewpoints from across the spectrum. On the Conflicting Opinions platform, smaller independent sources carry as much weight as the big players.

THE NONPARTISAN conflict READER. Click on a tag to produce a comprehensive yet focused reading list, a series of (news + opinion) posts + (publicity) blurbs, each one sending you directly to the source on the left or right or in the center, or sometimes on the fringes.

INVISIBLE PUBLICITY. Publicity blurbs are appropriately labeled paid announcements, presented within the flow of the nonpartisan conflict reader. Publicity ‘blurbs’ for your non-profit, foundation or think tank can describe a program, or advocate for a position on a topic or issue, or announce an event. Or anything else you might want to declare.

WHY INVISIBLE PUBLICITY? Our (editorial) goal at Invisible Publicity is to model the next generation of interplay between internet content + its sponsors. The traditional online layout is exhausting and exhausted, with meaningful content interrupted and disrupted by blinking advertising widgets and blaring (often unrelated) video ads. We present a clean, crisp alternative.

FACTGRAPHS are re-usable responsive verifiable data visuals with neutral captions. They too are designed as springboards for discussion, to be embedded in the work of bloggers, educators, independent media (actually all media), researchers, businesses, advocates and opponents. They can be freely re-used under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA for a topic area or some materials that we should include in the reading lists? Please let us know.


Sourcing is clearly stated:

  • PUBLICITY content is labeled
  • URL cards link to SUGGESTED READING
  • direct links to the ORIGINAL SOURCE
  • EXCERPTS follow principles of fair use

Code of conduct

Our participation guidelines consist of the following straightforward principles:

  • DATA + STATISTICS are always traceable
  • PROFANITY: it goes without saying
  • DISAGREEMENT is encouraged
  • CONTROVERSY is welcome
  • DISRESPECT is not

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